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Xerb is a new kind of video streaming built for fans of independent film. Subscribe to constantly updating channels built by filmmakers, with curated content you actually want to see.

Traditional streaming doesn’t serve fans or artists.

Xerb is different. We allow creators to join together and give fans a channel of content that is worth their time, with the income shared amongst filmmakers and channel runners.

For over 100 years, everything you watch, all the movies, all the shows, our cultural identity, has been dominated by a handful of media companies. The big online streaming services have copied this old media world onto the internet and now dominate subscription media.

A new model is needed for the people who actually make content.

Independent creators – whether they make films, documentaries, tutorials, or web series – have almost no chance of making money off of what they’re doing. In fact, they spend a ton of their own money, and put blood, sweat, and tears into building a team, marketing, and trying to find distribution, not to mention actually making the film. It’s a miracle that people actually do it. So why do they? They do it out of passion, and they do it out of love. They do it so that stories can be told, so that voices can be heard that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else.

We are opening up a new business model for these storytellers. We let channel runners create their own subscription streaming service that is collaborative, community-built and entirely under their control.

See the stories of our filmmakers and take a look behind the scenes at Xerb

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