Everything you need to know about being a creator on Xerb.

The goals of Xerb are to help you as a creator do two things:

Make money from your work. You submit your videos to channels, and get a share from each that decides to release them.

Build a relationship with your audience. We encourage you to participate in discussions with the people watching your content to help build a loyal following.

Before you Start

It’s important to know that if you need help or have questions, you’ll be able to get in contact with a real person. We love hearing from creators, even if it’s just to find out a little more about you, so please get in touch with us.

Distributing your Videos

You make money when a channel releases your film. Once you have uploaded a video, you submit it to any channels where it would be a good fit so they can review it.

Channels decide what videos to accept for distribution. If they accept your video, they choose a date when it will become available for people to watch. They will often release your video along with videos from other creators at the same time. These are special packages called “Flows”. We’ll talk about them a little later, but they’re useful tools to promote your work and help you build an audience.

Making Money

Except for promotions like free trials, people pay a monthly fee to subscribe to channels.

Channels receive 70% of the money these subscribers pay (we keep 30% and pay all the expenses, like hosting, bandwidth, and even credit card fees). The “channel runner”, which is the person or organization operating the channel, will keep a percentage of what they receive and pay the rest to creators. You will see how the channel splits the money they receive before you submit your work.

We use a standard formula to split money between you and the other creators each month. Right now, this is based on how much of the content currently released on the channel is yours, based on length. This will probably change to incorporate things like view time.

Getting Paid

At the end of every month, we calculate how much your videos have earned from each channel, and if your balance is over $50 we send your payment within 30 days. These are the ways we can pay you currently:

PayPal. No fee — they usually charge a transaction fee if you are outside the United States, but we will pay this for you. If you receive your money in a currency other than US Dollars, PayPal will charge a conversion fee.
Paper check. No fee — available in the United States only.

If you have suggestions for other payment methods we should add in the future, let us know.

Note: for some countries, the United States requires us to hold up to 30% of your money for taxes. The United States has “tax treaties” with many countries that reduce this rate, even to 0%. There is a table which lists the rates for countries that the United States has a tax treaty with. Look for the column that shows “Film & TV Royalties”. Here is a link to the table in PDF format:


How People Watch your Videos

Channels have two ways they can make your videos available, and they will often use both:

Flows. These are collections of videos, often from multiple creators, that are released together at a set time. They will often have a host, and can be thought of as a type of variety show.

A la carte. People are able to watch individual videos that the channel has released. Videos that have been released as part of a Flow will also be available a la carte.

Building a Relationship with your Audience

While it’s not required, we highly encourage you to interact with the people watching your content. This creates a better experience for them and makes them more likely to watch what you make, and it gives you an opportunity to get to know people who will support work you do now and in the future.

Every creator that promotes the Flow is not just helping themselves, they’re also helping all the other creators that have videos as part of the same Flow. You benefit from bringing in your own audience, but also from the audience that other creators who also have videos in the Flow bring in.

One of the best ways to do this is through the discussions on Flows. A Flow is a collection of videos, often from several creators, that a channel releases together at a time they schedule. The channel will choose what order the videos are listed in, and subscribers will be able to view any of them they want and discuss them afterward. We highly recommend making yourself available for the discussions around the time a Flow is released so you can interact with people live.