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Your Own Channel in 10 Minutes

As a Channel Runner, we’ve made it incredibly simple to set up and manage your own channel, and to collaborate with Creators to acquire content. But your channel is much more than a subscription streaming service: it’s a way to bring a community together through features not available anywhere else.

One-Click Licensing

The Xerb request system is unlike anything else that exists today. When a Creator submits content to you, all you have to do is review it. If you like it, it’s on your channel with one click.

You are of course welcome to have any outside arrangements you want, some of our Channel Runners directly license content that they then release themselves.

No Need to Deal with Files

When you work with Creators, there’s no need to get files from them. They create their own account and upload their work directly, so the only files anyone has to deal with are their own.

No-Effort Payment Processing and Accounting

Not only do we handle all subscription payments and support, we do all of the accounting for you and your Creators as well. Read more in our Payments Guide.

You and your Creators see your earnings directly from your dashboard within 30 days of the end of the month.

You focus on running and marketing your channel, we’ll take care of the rest.

Free Transcoding (and Everything Else)

There’s no need to pay thousands of dollars to get files into the formats needed for streaming. In fact, there’s no need to pay for anything: we’ve made it free to have a Xerb channel.

Flexible and Transparent Shared Revenue

Your channel earns 82% of the revenue after payment processing. No bandwidth, storage costs, or hidden charges.

As a way to compensate Creators you work with, you choose a percentage of these earnings that get split into a Creator Share. This is divided among the content automatically, whether it belongs to you or to Creators you’re working with, based on length.

Advanced, Flexible Tagging System

Whatever tag you can think of, you can make it and attach it to the content on your channel. Your subscribers can then use them to discover content in an incredibly simple, powerful way, in seconds. No more endlessly scrolling through categories.

Build a Community, Not Another Streaming Service

What sets Xerb apart is our focus on letting you build community. More than ever, people need meaningful ways to gather online, and we believe video is the most powerful medium to do it.

We’ve made it simple to provide your subscribers, and the Creators you collaborate with, a social experience unlike anything else. Instead of passively consuming content, your users enter a rich, interactive world that connects them to you, your Creators, and to each other.

Sound Good?

We’d love to have you as a partner and a Channel Runner. We’re always happy to talk (just email, or if you’re ready to get started…

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