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Distribution = power

Collaborate with other creators and take control of subscription distribution: the best, most reliable source of revenue in film/media today.

Xerb is not a business. Xerb is a business model. A new opportunity for creative, talented, ambitious people to take advantage of, in any way that they can imagine. Subscription streaming channels are the TV networks of the future. What we’re building is a tool to power a new generation of businesses to run them.

Channels take care of marketing and curation. Xerb does everything else:

  • Subscription payment processing and support
  • Global creator royalty calculation/payment
  • Licensing, reporting, and accounting for creators
  • Video transcoding and delivery
  • Data processing and analytics

Transparent shared revenue

The channel earns 70% of the subscription price. No processing fees, bandwidth, storage costs, or hidden charges: a channel that charges $10 will net $7 for each subscriber. You choose the percentage fee that you will be collecting and the remainder goes to creators with content on the channel.

Currently, creators’ share of the profit is based on the relative length of their content to the total of the channel. We want the revenue sharing to be as fair as possible and will likely adjust this formula as time goes on to incorporate things like view time.

Simple content acquisition

We will set up a multi-use registration link for you which you can give out, and a special code that can be used as well.

Many of our channel runners have simply set up an email template and included the registration link to sign people up. This method has proven extremely effective for many of our channel runners.

No additional licensing or contract agreements

Licensing is covered in the contracts that we have in place with creators through the Creator Agreement, which means that you don’t need to do any additional licensing. When someone submits content to your channel, you are able to approve it with a single click.

Because everything functions off of a revenue share, you don’t need to pay anything upfront to acquire content. In fact, we handle all of the accounting and payments to creators.

You are of course welcome to have any outside arrangements you want, some of our channel runners directly license content that they then release themselves.

Sound good?

We’d love to have you as a partner and a channel runner.

We'll always keep you up to date, never spam you, sell your info, or desert you.