Payments Guide

This reference guide covers important information, but remember that the payments are governed under the Creator Agreement.

Viewing Your Earnings

Your earnings are available to view any time through your dashboard. Just log in to Xerb and click on Your Dashboard, then Earnings.

Getting Paid

You are paid within 30 days of the end of the month once your accumulated balance reaches $50 USD. We have two official payment methods: PayPal, or if you are located in the United States, a paper check. Using either of these methods, we will not charge you a payment fee.

If these methods will not work for you, in some circumstances we may be able use an alternate method. Please contact and let us know. On request, we may also be able to pay you before you’ve reached the payment threshold, but a fee may apply. Note that while we try to accommodate special situations, we cannot guarantee that we can.

It is very important that you keep your payment information accurate and up to date. You can update it by logging in, clicking on the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner, and selecting “Edit Profile”.

We are subject to the laws of the United States, which may require us to withhold money for taxes or other reasons, and in some cases may prohibit us from paying you entirely due to sanctions or other financial restrictions. This is most often dependent on what country you are located in. If you have concerns about this, please email and we’ll do our best to provide you information.

Depending on how much you earn (generally over $600 USD in one calendar year), you may also need to provide us with a form W-9 or W-8BEN.

How You Earn

For each channel that includes your content, you receive a share based on how that channel splits its revenue. Before you submit your film to a channel, you will be shown what the “Creator Share” is per subscriber. The Creator Share is shared amongst the creators based on what proportion of the content on the channel is theirs. In other words, if 5% of the total length of the content on the channel is yours, you are entitled to 5% of the Creator Share each month (which is prorated if your film is on the channel for a partial month).

If you own channels, you will earn the Channel Runner Share for each payment received during the month. You decide what this share will be when you first set up your channel.

In all cases, channels earn 70% of the gross subscription price, without further fees. In other words, Xerb absorbs the payment processing fees and other charges. This amount, known as the Channel Revenue, is what is split based on a percentage determined by the Channel Runner between the Channel Runner Share and Creator Share.

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