Become a Creator

Get paid. Get maximum distribution flexibility. Keep control of your work.

Watch Anytime (subscription) distribution lets you add your work, alongside the work of many others, onto channels, with everyone sharing the revenue.

Virtual Events let you make your work available for a limited window of time, with the potential for revenue sharing or licensing fee opportunities.

Use either or both. The choice is always yours, requires your explicit opt-in, and doesn’t require exclusivity, lock-in, or long-term contracts.

You pay nothing

It’s that simple: Xerb doesn’t charge you to add your work, or for storage, hosting, bandwidth, or anything else!

No need to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to transcode your work into the formats needed for streaming either: we take care of everything for you. Add any video file you have (or even send us a DVD!), and it will be available in your private library. Then, distribute it however you wish.

Need help or have questions? No problem. Free, fast, friendly support: we’re here to make your distribution experience easy.

Transparent shared revenue

Watch Anytime (subscription): 82% of revenue, after payment processing fees, is split between the channel and you (Xerb keeps an 18% commission).

Virtual Events: Xerb gets a commission of 18% of ticket sales, or $1/ticket, after payment processing fees, whichever is less. The rest is split between the channel and you.

Before you submit your work to a channel, you will see how the money is split between you and the channel.

Your share of Watch Anytime earnings is calculated automatically. Currently, your share is based on the length of your content, divided by the length of content on the channel (i.e. how much of the content is yours). We want the revenue sharing to be as fair as possible so we’ll likely adjust it as time goes on to incorporate other factors.

You can view your earnings at any time directly in your dashboard, and we report to you monthly and pay within 30 days once you’ve reached the payment threshold.

For detailed information on payments, check out the Payments Guide.

Simple collaboration and video upload

  1. Find channels interested in your content. Check out the existing channels, and let us know if you don’t see a good match.
  2. Register a Creator account.
  3. Upload your video files in any format, we’ll take care of all the transcoding, storage, etc.
  4. Submit them to channels, either for Watch Anytime or Virtual Event consideration.

If you submit to the Watch Anytime section of a channel, you start sharing in the revenue as soon as the channels accepts your work.

If you submit to the Virtual Events section, the channel can add your work to a Virtual Event, but must get your explicit permission before it can go live, including how much you will be paid (if anything).

Coordinate with the channel to promote your work. Get social media handles directly from the channel’s profile, and (optionally) fill out your own profile and social media handles (click the dropdown menu next to your name then “Edit Profile”) so they, and the audience, can do the same.

Channels are built for your benefit

Xerb’s core is built around collaboration. Channels provide users with custom-built, community-powered portals to content that they care about, like yours! You work with the Channel Runner to provide a great experience to customers, so that you can strengthen your relationship with them and turn them into lifelong fans.

We’re stronger when we work together.

We'll always keep you up to date, never spam you, sell your info, or desert you.