Become a Creator

Get paid for your work, without giving up control.

Our goal is to get your content to people who want to see it, surround it with other quality content that brings relevancy and cross-promotion, and create a sustainable model for your work.

  • Recurring subscription income is split transparently and paid directly to you
  • Collaborative channels allow for shared distribution and promotion
  • We don’t believe in exclusivity or lock-in, and can remove your film any time

You pay nothing

It’s that simple: Xerb doesn’t charge you to add your work.

No need to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to transcode your work into the formats needed for streaming either, we take care of everything for you.

Transparent shared revenue

A channel receives 70% of the subscription price. No processing fees, transcode, bandwidth, storage costs, or hidden charges: a channel that charges $10 will net $7 for each subscriber. This is then split between the “Creator Share”, which is the percentage you and the other creators share, and the “Channel Runner Share”, which is what the channel runner keeps in exchange for running and promoting the channel.

Before you submit your work to a channel, you see how much the Creator Share is both in percentage and dollar terms. Currently, your share of the profit is based on the relative length of your content to the total of the channel. We want the revenue sharing to be as fair as possible so we’ll likely adjust it as time goes on to incorporate things like view time.

You can view your earnings at any time directly in your dashboard, and we report to you monthly and pay within 30 days once you’ve reached the payment threshold.

For detailed information on payments, check out the Payments Guide.

Simple collaboration and video upload

  1. Find channels interested in your content. Check out the existing channels, and let us know if you don’t see a good match.
  2. Register a Creator account.
  3. Upload your video files in any format, we’ll take care of all the transcoding, storage, etc.
  4. Submit them to the channels. You start sharing in the revenue as soon as the channels accept them.
  5. Coordinate with the channel to help promote your work.

Channels are built for your benefit

Creating a subscription video service is the best revenue model for film distribution. However, many creators won’t have enough content to have their own service, which is why Xerb’s core is built around collaboration.

Do you have a whole library of content that you want to release on its own channel? Great, you can do that. But you don’t have to run your own channel. You can just upload your content, add it to as many existing channels as you want, do all of the licensing in one click, and start sharing in the revenue.

We’re stronger when we work together.

We'll always keep you up to date, never spam you, sell your info, or desert you.